Rebel Transport is a specialized Transportation Company serving the Oil and Gas industry in General Oilfield hauling, Rig Moving and Production Equipment hauling. We are also proud partners in the Construction, Pipeline and Seismic sectors of industry in Canada and the United States since 1972

Our Equipment

Tandem & Tridem Winch Tractors
Picker Trucks Up To 40 Ton Capacity
Bed Trucks Up To 400"
6 x 8 Bed Truck C/W Floatation Tires
Tandem Hiboys C/W Live Rolls
Tri-axle Hiboys C/W Live Rolls & Air Ride Suspension
16 Wheel Hiboys C/W Live Rolls
24 Wheel Lowboys C/W Live Rolls & Air Ride Suspension
All Hiboys Are Deck-down Trailers C/W Kicker Rolls

More ...

Tri-axle Lowboys (Scissor Neck) C/W Kicker Rolls
7, 8, 9 and 10 Axle Lowboys
16 Wheel Lowboys
32, 40 & 48 - Wheel Combinations
Variety Of 8 & 16  Wheel Jeeps And 4 & 8  Wheel Airlifters 
Capacity Is Up To 75 Ton Payload;

All of our Lowboys are equiped with removable necks(RGNs) or beaver tail or live rolls, whatever your needs may be. 

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